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About Me - Photographer - Stacey Korger

The most proudest moment in my life was becoming a mom of two wonderfully beautiful girls, both different in their own ways but each others best friend.   I am now a retired Respiratory Therapist of 25 years focusing on NICU and Rehabilitation, along with critical and non critical patient care.  Photography came to me after I had my first daughter - every smirk and every giggle I was snapping a picture of her, scrapbooking each and every image so that I can cherish this precious little girl for a lifetime.  Since having both my babies, I have realized that I been blessed with the gift of creativity, a talent that I always loved about myself but was never brave enough to show off.  Photography gave that to me.  Through my pictures I was able to tell a story which is what I hope to capture for you .. who your child or family is at that time.  Its not always the smile at the camera picture that warms your heart, its the purity, innocence, funny or charasmatic nature of your child that hopefully will someday take you back in time and you too will be able to tell a story from it.  I love to use my imagination and with that give you the photographs and memories that you always dreamed of having.

About my sessions

Sessions are done at my Home Studio located in Franklin (Sussex County) , New Jersey, or on location throughout our beautiful state.  To schedule an appointment, please call 973-332-6428,  message me on Facebook  or  email  .

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